The National Credit Union Call Center has partnered with Dennis McIntee to bring you a Leadership Certification designed to help your call center professionals become exceptional team leaders. This certification consists of six webinar modules and one in-person workshop.

COST: $1,195.00 per person
All Webinars are scheduled for 9:30 – 10:30 am MST

Module One – March 3, 2020
You Teach What You Know but Produce Who You Are
• Increase your skills for effective self-management
• Receive a Personal Constraints Analysis, measuring 32 components of emotional intelligence.
• Develop a personal Leadership MAP (Massive Action Plan)

Module Two – April 7, 2020
Change Behavior to Change Results
• Learn how to harness your team’s emotion to produce faster motion.
• Receive the Values Clarifier for measuring people’s capacity.
• Develop the skills to defuse emotionally charged situations so your team members make logical & better decisions.

Module Three – May 12, 2020
If You Can See It, You Can Change It
• Learn the 2 skills for giving effective feedback.
• Learn how to emotionally detach from issues to increase the speed of change.
• Master the 4 components of effective meetings.

Module Four – June 2, 2020
Creating Ownership Within Your Call Center Team
• Learn the 2 components for effective discussions.
• Move from adult to child interactions into adult to adult communication with your team.
• Develop a system for clarifying expectations for faster results.

Module Five – July 7, 2020
Developing a High-Trust Environment in Your Call Center
• Learn the 10 trust building skills you need to create buy-in.
• Master the skill of “demanding debate” to remove the “elephants in the room”.
• Develop the 1 skill to quickly increase the level of trust with anyone.

Module Six – August 4, 2020
Mastering Motivation
• Learn the 8 reasons why anyone does anything and how to use it in your leadership.
• Master the skill of language to increase people’s motivation level.
• Develop 2 coaching skills that remove the emotional drama that kills motivation.

Workshop – September 27, 2020
The Call Center Coach’s Toolbox, Review and Proctored testing
1:00 to 5:00 PM, MGM Grand in Las Vegas
• Learn how to format questions to keep your team proactive instead of reactive.
• Master the 2-part process for helping shape people’s thinking style.
• Develop the two tools you need to create problem
Certificate Celebration/Presentation
September 27th, 6:30 PM
MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Bonus – Certification participants receive $250 off the National Credit Union Call Center Conference registration. This year’s National Credit Union Call Center Conference is September 28-30 at the MGM Grand (separate registration required). Certificate recipients will be recognized at this year’s event.