Detailed Program Information

Networking Breakfast – 8:00 am
Challenge yourself to sit with people you don’t know.  What better way to meet new friends than sharing a full family style breakfast together.  Don’t forget your business cards!

Opening Keynote – 9:00 am
Key Performance Indicators Custom Fit for Your Credit Union
Jay Minnucci

When it is time to tell the story of our performance, we do so through numbers.  The amount of customers served, the speed at which we served them, the quality that we provided – these and other numbers are what key stakeholders use to place a value on our service organization.  They become the basis point for setting priorities and approving budgets, and they help us determine whether the actions we have taken delivered the results we desired.

With all that at stake, it is critically important we get these numbers right.  Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) need to be timely, clear and comprehensive.  But you can’t just pull the usual numbers and objectives from “off the rack” and hope they will be a good fit.  Just like an XL suit won’t flatter a smaller frame, metrics valued by thousand-seat contact centers are a poor match for a 20 seat operation.  The right set of KPIs need to be tailor-made to your culture, strategy and size specifications.  This session will explore how to custom fit these key numbers so you get the best possible alignment between the metrics you report and the overall mission of the contact center.

Exhibitor Crawl – 10:00 am
Listen as we visit each exhibitor for their farewell remarks and door prize drawings.

General Session – 10:45 am
Scoring G.O.A.Ls that Matter
Dr. Samuel L. Jones, Professional speaker, author, and educator
When it comes to GOALS, most call center leaders struggle because they can have conflicting effort when factors outside of their control (economy, retention, regulations, etc…) have an immediate impact on their leadership skills. This session will help participants to refocus their efforts on scoring the GOALS that matter in work and life.
Key learning takeaways include:

  • How to evaluate current goals
  • How to apply a 7 step process to scoring any goal you have
  • How to duplicate these efforts in other areas of your life