New this year and priced separately at $199 Per Person

The Small Call Center Challenge
Wednesday, October 17th from 1:00 to 5:00 PM
Park MGM
$199 PP

Click here for PDF Small CC Workshop Outline 

Presenter:  Jay Minnucci

Yes, all contact centers are difficult to manage.  Customers need to be delighted, staff needs to be engaged, and budgets need to be met.  And if you have accepted this mission at a smaller organization, the challenge does not stop there.  The staffing risk looms larger, workload peaks are higher, and the payback on all those amazing tools you see being promoted rarely covers the cost.

Despite these facts, you can be sure that credit union executives and customers still expect the highest level of performance – and that’s exactly what you have committed to provide.  The good news is that while the challenge may seem daunting, it is not insurmountable.  A higher level of understanding of call center principles, an open mind and a willingness to forge your own path is all that is needed to exceed everyone’s expectations.

In this session, we will closely examine:

  • The reasons why the challenge is greater
  • Tools that fit your needs and budget
  • Methods to meet the productivity/service level challenge
  • How contact center size impacts staff success profiles
  • Using your size to deliver satisfaction that most larger centers cannot even imagine!

Participants in the workshop will walk away with a foundational background to better understand the challenge, supported by the tools and information necessary to not just survive, but thrive.